School Supply Style


One minute you’re enjoying summer taking long vacations, basking in the sun, sitting poolside, and then August shows up. Now all you’re hearing is it’s “back to school” time. Yes, it’s about that time. Read More

5 Affordable Trench Coats for Spring 



I’ve always admired trench coats since I was a teenager. It’s such a staple for classic chic! It’s been a coat style that I’ve wanted to add to my wardrobe for a very long time. Regrettably I still can’t say that I own a tan/beige one, but I have been doing some shopping. I thought it was only right to show some of my favorites that I’ve laid eyes on that are definitely affordable! 

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Red Gown + Gold Details


Last weekend I attended my jobs 2016 Gala. If you’ve ever been to a gala, a prom, or just any formal event in general, you know that attending one can get pretty expensive. Since I knew this was the case I made an effort to spend as little as I could. Sometimes it doesn’t matter the amount of money you spend on a look. I was able to look and feel amazing by spending less than $150 on my whole outfit for a formal event! 

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5 Gowns Less Than $200


I can remember a 17-year-old me, rummaging through the store trying to find that perfect dress for prom. Once I did find that one, my eyes lit up and I just knew that I had found it. It fit me so perfectly and made me feel like a princess. Now I’m in my twenties and sadly there are no more proms for me. However, there are special occasions that I can still find joy in searching for that perfect dress, like a wedding (like my OWN) or even a work party. My next upcoming grown up event is my job’s Gala and I want to show five dresses that I have in mind. If you have a similar event coming up now is the time to shop from my favorite five. 

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