Mesh T-Shirt Dress + Leopard Print Sandals


If we could just have the weather that we had last weekend, everyday, I would be in my glory! I hope everyone was able to get out last weekend because the weather was truly amazing! I loved the sun hitting my skin and the fact that I was able to style this adorable dress with no tights and/or boots. Instead all of this melanin was seen!

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White Tee + Metallic Jacket Look


Featuring a bold lip color and and this amazingly colorful mural on the blog is the perfect way for me to celebrate this warm weather the DC Metro area is experiencing right now! Spring is that you? I think everyone can agree when I say, “Finally!

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A Denim + Animal Print Look


It’s Saturday night and your friends ask you to come and hang out with them. You say, “yes” and proceed to your closet to find something to wear. You just want your look to be cute but still casual. Well if you have a denim jacket, some high waisted jeans, basic top, and some banging heels then you have the perfect look for a girl’s night out. In fact, the simplicity of this outfit allows you to wear it on so many occasions and this is why I love this look so much!

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Floral Pants + a Lace Bodysuit Look

Floral-Pants-and-a Laced-Bodysuit-1

Floral prints are always a great choice for spring because this season is all about fun colors, prints, and patterns. So you can just imagine my excitement when I saw these cute pair of high waisted floral pants on the clearance rack of Target —– let’s just say that I did not hesitate to buy them!

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Animal Print Pants and a Trench Look


As I write this post it is literally snowing outside, the DMV’s area first real snow storm of the year on the second day of spring. Crazy right? Well I’m just sitting here wishing that we could at least get weather like it was in this photoshoot. 

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Ruffle Bell Sleeve Sweater + High Waisted Jeans


Happy March! We are so much closer to spring and I am excited because I can’t wait to style cute little spring dresses and more sweater outfits like the one you see here. Luckily a couple of weeks ago in the DC Metro area we had the opportunity to experience some spring like weather and it felt amazing. So happy that the good weather gave me a chance to style this cute ruffle bell sleeve sweater.

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A Black Velvet Dress + A Metallic Moto Jacket


Have you ever gone shopping with the motive to buy one particular item but end up buying more than what you planned on purchasing? I know you have, it’s happened to the best of us. I recently fell victim to this dilemma! Most times Target is always the culprit that gets me but this time it was Forever 21.

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Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt + the Metallic Trend


I love shopping at Target! I can spend hours in there just browsing their women’s clothing and home sections. One of my most recent trips there I found two clothing items that helped me create this look. I call this look girly chic! 

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Rainy Day With A Hat & A Trench


“Never in my life have I let rain put a damper in my day.”

It’s Sunday morning and it’s pouring rain outside. My shoe choices for the day are either my rain and snow proof boots or my super cute patent leather block heeled boots —– I obiviously chose the latter. 

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Simple Chic with A Velvet Vest


Sometimes simple is the best chic……

It’s Saturday morning, I check my phone to see what the weather will be like and I discover that the high will be 60 degrees. My first thought was what will I wear?! It’s between a dress or jeans. I opt for high waisted jeans because I am not sure how warm 60 degrees in the winter truly is, and I’m always cold. So I chose the safe route. I also grab my velvet vest from the closet because I have been dying to wear it and start to think of what outfit combinations I can do with these two.  

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