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Mother’s Day weekend was so busy for me! Between running around helping my mom get things together for my brother’s senior prom and making sure everything went smoothly for my mom for Mother’s Day, I was beat by Sunday! Saturday was spent shopping with my mom and siblings, and going out to dinner so I chose for a simple look in black and white.

I bought my white sheer top from H&M when I tried out their website for the first time about three weeks ago. I bought it for only $7.95 with a discount which I thought wasn’t too bad. Since the top is really sheer I paired it with a simple black tank top. My black and gray stonewash jeans are from H&M as well and are definitely my go to item in my closet. I love the fit of them and they go with a lot of clothing that I have.  The pumps that I wore are called Mia Bennett Snakeskin Pumps that I bought last year from the DSW website, but they no longer have them (check out below for a similar look).  I enjoy doing the black and white outfits with my Michael Kors handbag but also love that it compliments almost any outfit I wear!

Did you keep it simple and chic this weekend?

What I’m Wearing 

Top: H&M|Tank Top: Forever 21|Earrings: Charlotte Russe| Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics/Film Noir| Jeans: H&M| Shoes: DSW|Handbag: Michael Kors



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