Summer Florals







Summer brings a burst of sunshine and a beautiful array of colors, so I decided to bring some of that to DJS & STYLE this week! Although I’m a winter baby sometimes I wish summer was a little longer. So this is me trying to cherish summer for as long as I can! Everything featured here are old items. I love these floral pants that I purchased on sale from Cotton On last year, and I always enjoy finding new ways to style them. I normally go with the safe option of pairing the jeans with a neutral top. However, a better way to style jeans like these is buying a colored top that brings out a color already in them.  Try the neutral top option to transition into fall!

I’m not so much of a pink color girl but I did have fun with this outfit! What colors have you tried or will be trying this season?

What I’m Wearing

Top: H&M

 Pants: Cotton On

Shoes: Forever 21

Bag: New York & Company

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