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They say Sunday is supposed to be fun day, so I decided to have some fashion fun this past Sunday! I think I’ve said before that I’m not really a hat person, but honestly I’m starting to become a fan of them. So you might see more of the hat look on the blog :-). If you visit the blog frequently you can see that I love the simple chic look and I think it’s always best to opt for this look on a Sunday. I love all black everything but this time I wanted to disturb the color hue with some denim. Can you believe that tying a shirt around your waist is a trend? I can’t because I can remember just like it was yesterday running through the playground with my shirt around my waist not knowing that I was already on trend. Nonetheless I love this look, I think it definitely gives an outfit some cool points haha.

I wanted to continue the sporty/simple chic look so my favorite chunky heel sandals from ShoeDazzle we’re perfect! Another shoe option for this look are pointed toe heels if you’re trying to be more sophisticated but still sporty. If you’re going somewhere where heels shouldn’t be worn, pairing some canvas sneakers will work great!

Don’t you just love the small metallic clutch that I purchased on sale from Cotton On for just $5! I’m a big fan of the metallic look so this was definitely a must have item for me and a perfect accessory option.

Also if you’re ever indecisive of what to wear, an easy way to create an outfit is to start with a basic piece of clothing such as the crop tee here that I scored from H&M for only $6.95! Always look at fashion as your masterpiece or painting, so in this case the crop tee was my canvas and then I worked my way from there such as the color scheme I was looking for and the style I was going for.  Also basics are always easy to style up or down!

What look have you tried with a basic top? Hope you all had a great weekend!

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What I’m Wearing

Crop Top: H&M || Hat: Adidas || Pants: H&M || Shoes: ShoeDazzle ||

Denim Top: H&M || Bag: Cotton On

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