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This past Tuesday the temperature reached a high of almost 90 degrees, and it felt amazing! I cannot say this enough but I love spring/summer weather for its warmth because it gives me the opportunity to wear all my cute and colorful looks. 🙂 This beautiful day called for a spaghetti strapped cami, my bold BCBG pumps, and of course a pair of colorful print patterned pants that have you screaming adorable! 

I love when I can find an item on sale that I know I’ll be able to style in so many different ways. That item, in this look is definitely my print patterned pants from H&M that I only purchased on sale for $7! I love the fit and the details of the pants. They’re the perfect spring pant! Now the only correct way to style the pants is to add in more colors, right? Haha, no but seriously pants like these are so versatile that you can add more color or keep it simple with just a basic white top, and still look great. (DJS & STYLE tip of the day: If you have a fun and patterned item featured in your look, do not always believe that you have to tone down your look and pair the item with a neutral color. It’s okay to go all out sometimes.) I once again decided to create a little more flair within the outfit by adding some more color and sequins! (See my last post Bold Pumps + Sequins to see another recent colorful look of mines).

So as I grabbed a late night bite to eat on this beautiful spring day, I hope I was able to turn heads and inspire others! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! 

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What I’m Wearing

Top: Forever 21 | Earrings: Aldo | Pants: H&M | Bag:  New York & Company | Shoes: BCBG (purchased from DSW Shoes) 

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