The Proposal



Yesterday started off as a normal day. I woke up went to work from 8 am-11 am.  After work I ran a few errands and rushed home to start getting ready for a day I thought would be a photo day for my blog. I thought I’d just be spending time with my boyfriend Dominique at National Harbor! Well I was in for a big surprise!  It turned out to be an extremely special day, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Okay so enough with all the emotions, let me continue! :-).

I’m all dolled up and ready to make my way out to National Harbor at 2 pm! While driving there I received several calls from Dominique making sure I was on my way. He instructed me to turn down Fleet Street and definitely not Waterfront Street when I arrived, and to also let him know exactly when I arrived. So I didn’t think much of this behavior.  I just thought he wanted us to be able to meet up at the exact same time and place, haha.  I eventually arrived to National Harbor at around 2:40 pm.  I parked my car on the 4th floor and called Dominique, as instructed and let him know I arrived. He tells me great and that he is waiting for me by the elevator. I walk to the elevator while on the phone with him and he tells me that he can see me. I look out the window and we lock eyes, smile, and wave. We hang up and I proceed down the elevator. I finally make it down and see him standing there all smiles and he tells me I look great!

We have a little small talk as we walk to the Ferris wheel that he has been talking about riding all week. He tells me that he is so excited to ride it today and that it’s going to be a great day! So we walk down the steps and get to the lawn section of National Harbor and Dominique points in the direction of the balcony near the water and there I see a sign that says — “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”– and the only words I could get out were “this is not for me”  😂haha. As he says, “yes it is” my emotions get the best of me and I break down crying when I see all of our friends and family there in support holding that sign for me. He drops to one knee and asks me to marry him and of course I say yes! My normal “photo”, “ferris wheel riding”, “hanging with my boyfriend” day turned into a beautiful and unforgettable one. It became “The Proposal”! We have a seven year strong bond together and I’m so happy and proud to call Dominique my fiancé and soon to be husband!

Below is the full proposal video — Thank you Kevin for shooting & Dom for editing:






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