The Good Life, It Feel Like Philly…


The good life, It feel like Philly (Kanye voice)……yes indeed it was definitely the good life in Philadelphia this weekend for me, I had such an amazing time! My Saturday started off as just a day trip to Delaware to attend my fiancé’s best friend’s family cookout that ended up with our night on the town in Philly.

After filling our bellies, playing around on the basketball court, and doing a little “play money” gambling at the cookout we headed to Philly.

First stop was the Love Park of course! I’ve always seen people take pictures in front of the love monument and I’ve always wished to do the same, so I was happy to have that moment. What’s a picture in the Love Park without a little kissing involved right?! To top it all off we walked straight into a live cypher, something I’ve never experienced before. Overall it was an awesome experience.



Now what’s the one thing you should do when you visit Philadelphia? Get a Philly cheesesteak of course. We took a walk down South Street and experienced all the hustle and bustle that the city night life has to offer, and made our way to Jim’s Steaks. I ordered the Philly cheesesteak with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and provolone (I don’t think I’m ready for the wiz cheese yet!). It was delicious!



After spending three hours in Philly I’ve decided it’s definitely a city I’ll be visiting again!

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