How to Style a Midi Dress









 Summer is technically not over yet! This is exactly why I decided to break out my favorite midi dress from Cotton On and enjoy the last bit of summer that we do have! I must say it was the perfect choice for the day.

What I love most about this dress is its comfort. It felt great to wear last Saturday. Its versatility gives you the option to dress down or up. In fact, I initially intended to be completely comfy and add some sneakers. However, due to my box braids up-do style I decided that a date night look would be more suitable.(DJS & STYLE tip of the day: An easy outfit idea is finding a simple dress as featured, and dressing it up!) I’m happy with the outcome! Speaking of my hair, if you follow me on Instagram then you know that I’m currently transitioning to natural hair. After getting exhausted and upset with my two textures I decided to give my hair a break and place it in braids. What do you think? I’ve been wearing my hair straight and relaxed for so long that it feels amazing to try something different for a change!

Summer may not be over yet, but I decided to throw in some fall fun with this look by adding a dark lip color (MAC “Film Noir“) to the mix.  Now I’m sending a message that summer is still here, but fall is near! What are you wearing and doing to your hair for these last few weeks of summer? I hope everyone’s Labor Day weekend was amazing!

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What I’m Wearing

Dress: Cotton On | Necklace: Aldo | Bag: Cotton On | Shoes: Nasty Gal

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Cotton-On-KELLIE-MUSCLE-MIDIScreen Shot 2015-09-06 at 12.42.26 AMCharlotte-Russe-STAMPED-COIN-STATEMENT-NECKLACELulus-Seal


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