Million Man March – 10.10.15


I was one of the many of people that attended the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March on 10.10.15. With no traffic, beautiful weather, and an opportunity to to be a part of history, I can proudly say it was a great day.







 As I met up with friends and proceeded to the metro we slowly began to see others that were attending the event by identifying them with the Million Man March t-shirts. One thing that I regret most about the day is not bringing cash so I could of purchased one of the famous t-shirts of the day. So with no renowned t-shirt, my outfit of the day was an all black ensemble except for my favorite rose gold backpack of course.  My backpack was the greatest accessory option for the day since there was a lot of walking and standing. So as we walked from the metro to the National Mall with everyone else, I took a look at everyone else. I noticed that there were young people, old people, families, friends, and it made me appreciate the moment. I loved that we were all able to get together to talk about what we need to do as individuals and as a country to promote change.

The speakers were great, some short, some long, some dislikes and likes within each one, but at the end of the day all at some point had meaning, value, and inspiration. With most of the speakers including Reverend Louis Farrakhan there was something that inspired me or something that I loved or cherished.

One part of his speech that I will never forget and will always hold in my heart, is when he directed everyone to hug their neighbor and tell them they love them. To see everyone smiling, hugging and showing love to each other was a great experience. There was unity, hope, and love at the Washington, D.C. National Mall on 10.10.15.

What I’m Wearing 

Jacket: Forever 21 | Top: Forever 21 | Backpack: Asos | Sunglasses: Aldo | Jeans: Cotton On (not shown) | Shoes: Old Navy (not shown)

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