How to be Fall Chic










How would you describe fall? There’s several ways! I would describe the season with vibrant colors, leaves falling from the trees, apple and pumpkin picking, time to read a great book, and a chance to enjoy all the seasonal goodies like my peppermint mocha I have in hand! Also let’s not forget great fashion!

I was recently selected by Warby Parker, to participate in their #FallSyllabus fall 2015 campaign, to give a glimpse of my fall through a pair of their frames. They have an amazing collection of prescription glasses and sunglasses. I took one look of their selection of sunglasses and fell in love! What makes it even better is that they offer a home try-on program. It allows you to select five frames that get shipped to you. You have five days to wear them, style them, get opinions on them, then ship back, and decide which pair you should buy online. Oh, and it’s all FREE, definitely my favorite word!

Warby-Parker-Sunglasses(My five choices were the Banks (ginger crystal), Cliff (Woodgrain Tortoise), Barkley (Antique Shale Fade), Reilly (Whiskey Tortoise). All found here.)

After receiving my home try-on package in the mail the Banks style sunglasses became my new companion for the weekend. I love the ginger crystal color, such a perfect style for fall and as you may know I love adding pops of color to my look! Speaking of color I’ve been on the look out for more colored sweaters to spruce my fall and winter outfits. I spotted this green sweater at Cotton On for only $15 last weekend and knew I had to have it.

(DJS & STYLE tip of the day: make your simple pencil skirt a little more interesting by pairing with a sweater this season.)

I threw on a pencil skirt, faux leather jacket, infinity scarf, boots, a backpack, Warby Parker sunglasses, and made the perfect fall chic outfit! Now give me a good book, my favorite seasonal drink from Starbucks, a golden delicious green apple and I’m having a great fall day.

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What I’m Wearing 

Jacket: Forever 21 | Sweater: Cotton On | Sunglasses: Warby Parker | Scarf: Express | Skirt: Forever 21 | Backpack: Asos | Shoes: Target

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