Where to Shop for an Ugly Christmas Sweater

The holidays call for spending time with family and friends, giving back, being joyful, and of course having at least one day where you sport that ugly christmas sweater. Did you know that there was actually a National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day? I had no clue, but it’s tomorrow! Don’t fret if you haven’t found one yet to wear on Friday or even to an upcoming Holiday party, because I have some shopping suggestions to shop for one! 



Due to experience I can say that shopping for a ugly Christmas sweater is fun and creates a lot of laughs. So make it a girls shopping trip, trust me you’ll have a lot of fun with friends. My first option if you really want an ugly sweater and want to get creative with it, you should definitely stop at a Goodwill or any other thrift store. When I was on the search for one a few weeks ago, my friend and I made a visit to a local Goodwill. Unfortunately we were only able to find one sweater, but I’d say we did pretty good since it was our first trip shopping for one. Also the price will always be extremely reasonable. I only paid $5 for mine!


Browsing Instagram everyday has introduced me to a lot of crazy and fun ugly sweaters on the web. My favorite ones to have to be the ones referencing trendy songs like Drake’s “hotline bling” and Migo’s “Pipe it Up” featuring Santa doing the popular “dab” dance move. Seeing these sweaters in public are sure to give everyone a good laugh. 


I’ve noticed that more and more stores like Forever 21 are even catching on to the trend of ugly Christmas sweaters. Now to me a lot of them are simple sweaters and not ugly enough for me. However, you can always be creative and add more to the sweater to make it a little more ugly using tinsel, ornaments, flashing lights, etc. Just go all out! Also some stores like Target sell an ugly Christmas sweater kit.

Stay tuned to see how I style my ugly christmas sweater this weekend!

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Shop Some of My Ugly Christmas Sweater Picks 

1-800-Hotline-Bling-Ugly-Christmas Sweater Drake Unisex Xmas SweatshirtForever-21-Holiday-Graphic-Sweater(BLACK)-DABBING-BLACK-MRS-CLAUS-UGLY-CHRISTMAS-SWEATERGingerbread-Man-Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-Self-Esteem



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