How to Reorganize Your Closet


Along with the new year came a tremendous amount of reorganizing in my house. I believe that in order to begin the year with success everything should be in order, including your home. How can I succeed if I can’t be at ease where I lay my head at night? It’s possible but why not give yourself a better shot at success with organization. So with these thoughts I decided to switch up my living room, dining area, my second bedroom, and my closet.


My normal morning routine includes me hopping out of bed because I just realized what time it is, rushing to the bathroom to get my self in order, and then rushing to my closet to figure out what to wear for the day. With all of this morning rushing, I’ve realized I’m causing my self a disadvantage of not starting the day on the right foot. So I decided that no more of that behavior will continue for me. My mom taught me a long time ago in grade school how to iron and pick out my clothes during the weekend, for the week ahead. As you can see I haven’t been listening to what she instilled in me from a young age, but she had a point and I should of listened. Don’t worry mom, I’m on the right track now, haha.


My Fiancé and I share a closet together, well I guess you can call it sharing seeing as though I take up most of the space, but hey I did give him ALMOST half of the closet space —“wink”, “wink”! Anyhow, color coordinating and grouping your clothing accordingly will allow you to easily pick outfits and know where everything is. So I followed this routine with both of our articles of clothing. Reorganizing also allowed me to really take a closer look at my clothes and realize that I didn’t wear many of the stuff, so I was able to donate a lot.  One of the biggest jobs I encountered with this closet project was throwing away all of my shoe boxes. It was a task but I love the outcome. (DJS & STYLE tip of the day: Don’t hold on to shoe boxes. Remember that shoe boxes are only meant to protect shoes when in transport to their designated destination, but after that it’s time to throw them away. Plus, it makes life easy when you can actually see those beautiful shoes!) You might be wondering where are my fiancé’s shoes, but don’t worry he has some he just places his in our second bedroom closet!


In our bedroom we have a smaller closet that I now store my jeans, shorts, small handbags/clutches, cold weather accessories, and sweaters. For a chic touch I added some heels to the shelves! (DJS & STYLE second tip of the day: If you have a lot of small clutches and you want to keep them more organized, storing them in a magazine holder works great!)


My closet is not exactly where I want it to be but it’s getting there. Next, I want to buy better hangers, but in due time that will happen. Also stay tuned because I may be creating a clothing rack, this way I can hang my clothes for the week out on display!

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