Pom Poms + Aviator Sunglasses






Monday morning I woke up to 4-6 inches of snow outside my window. It was a surprise to me but a good one, well somewhat good. The bad part is that in less than a month, I’m dealing with snow again affecting my daily morning routine. The good part is that I was able to capture some pretty cool pictures in the snow! My snow photoshoot marks the first time ever for the blog. I was so excited! 

I absolutely love my Steve Madden boots and I’ve been dying to feature them on the blog. These boots have to be the best purchase I made for winter. I wanted a decent pair of waterproof boots that weren’t too expensive. I wanted them to be warm, comfortable, and do their part in the snow and rain. After my research of other similar boots, I felt that my Steve Maddens were more reasonable and would do what I needed them to do, and I was right. The best part is that they were only $68 (during a sale), which beat some of the others I looked at. 

My other cold weather gear featured included my knit pom pom hat from Kohl’s, that I think is just adorable, my gloves, and my scarf. I was prepared for the cold on Monday! However you can’t face a little cold without some bold and chic sunglasses of course, and I think my aviators did the trick! (DJS & STYLE tip of the day: Don’t let the cold stop you from having fun with what you wear. Sometimes adding a few pom pom accessories or even some cool sunglasses can create the right amount of fun for your winter look.) Also my pom pom bag accessory made it to another post….I really love that thing! See how I styled it with a clutch on my last post Denim + A Tweed Jacket.

What cool winter weather accessories are you wearing? I hope everyone had a great long weekend and an amazing Valentine’s Day! 

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What I’m Wearing 

Hat: Kohl’s | Sunglasses: Aldo | Gloves: Kohl’s | Scarf: H&M | Coat: H&M | Bag: Kate Spade | Pom Pom: Lulu’s | Jeans: Zara | Boots: Steve Madden

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