What’s in My Tote?


Spring is finally here! We’re saying hello to beautiful flowers, warmer weather, and of course a spring wardrobe filled with open toe shoes and pretty pastels! However, your spring wardrobe cannot be complete without that perfect spring bag. My spring bag is my new Kate Spade tote, so hello spring!


This past Valentine’s Day my fiance surprised me with this beautiful tote. So happy that he knew this pretty pink pastel colored tote was perfect to start spring off right!  I guess having a blogger as your woman he’s learned some things, haha. I’ve been in need of a bigger bag that could carry some of my everyday essentials without it being overstuffed. A tote is great to have, especially for work. P.S. I love shopping on a budget, but I’ve always been an advocate of spending a little more money on shoes or a bag. It’s okay to splurge a little even on a budget! 

(DJS & STYLE tip of the day: Put your black bag to the side and trade it out with a pretty pastel colored bag this season. It’ll go great with everything!)

Now although you may have this tote that can fit almost everything in it, doesn’t mean you have to do just that. With mine I try to stick with the essentials. 


What’s in My Tote

  1. Chapstick/Lip Gloss – My chapstick/lip gloss are always a must in any bag I carry. I stick with Nivea chapstick and since my lips have become sensitive to a lot of lip gloss products, I only use Clinique. 
  2. Wallet – Including a wallet in my tote is self explanatory, I need my money, haha. 
  3. Headphones – I love music! I hate when I leave these behind. 
  4. Planner – I love a good planner and organization is very important to me! I try not to leave without it.
  5. Colored Pens – It’s important to have a pen handy. Plus I love using them with my planner. 
  6. Mirror – I have to make sure everything is in order, wink wink. Also isn’t this light up mirror the cutest?! It was in my gift bag from a Fashion Bomb Daily event I attended some months ago. 
  7. Small bag/pouch – I use this to keep all of my important woman products. 
  8. Hair Comb – May need to get my hair in back in order. 
  9. Cellphone – I can’t live without this, and my Kate Spade case is just adorable!
  10. Charger – My phone is forever dying! I don’t know what I do without a charger. 
  11. Water – Staying hydrated is always important!
  12. Hand Sanitizer – Stay clean!
  13. Fragrance Mist – You never know when you might need a quick freshen up! 3 for $12 at Bath and Body Works now. 
  14. Magazine – Perfect to read when I have some down time!

I think what you keep in your bag too can tell a little about yourself. What do you keep in yours? 

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