Spring Shoe Styles to Wear


In my last post, “What’s in My Tote?“, I talked about how spring brings so many great things, including shoes like open toe shoes! It was only necessary to introduce you to some of my own that I plan to wear a lot this season! You can’t have a fun spring without pointed toe shoes, chunky heels, booties, and pretty adorable flats;  so let me introduce you to some of mine! 



I’m bringing these back to wear for another spring season! It’s important to always have a neutral pair of shoes, especially in the spring to coordinate easily with all your pretty pastels. They go great with boyfriend jeans and a cute t-shirt dress. 

These Shoes: 

Neutral Color √

Chunky Heel √

Open Toe √



Besides running my blog I work full time in a corporate setting that requires comfortable shoes. Now I’m all for a comfy pair, but they still have to be on point! I can proudly say that these flats from Aldo certainly fit in that category. They are the cutest shoes and I’m forever getting compliments. I bought them on sale for $30, and Aldo still has a few sizes left. Get them while you can! Pointed toe flats look great with ankle pants or even an A line skirt. 

These Flats: 

Pointed √

Great Details √

(DJS & STYLE tip of the day: flats can be cute too. If you want a pair that are more chic, classic, and edgy all at once try a pointed toe look with a bomb detail.)



I have yet to wear these beauties, I know shame on me! However I plan to get a lot of use out of them this season. I’m so excited to wear a chunky heel, I’m in love with this style of shoe. Chunky heels are very popular for their style and comfort. So I’m proud to say that Steve Madden still has plenty available and they have other colors too. Also, they look amazing with skinny jeans!

These Heels: 

Pointed √

Chunky √

Open Toe Shoe


These flats have sentimental value because they were given to me from my fiance’s mom before she passed away last year. She was such an angel and I feel honored to wear something of hers. 

So about these: 

Chic √

Bold Print √

Comfy √

Open Toe √

I once had an animal print pair of shoes but they broke down on me, so I’m happy that I have these. Plus animal print anything is always a fun addition to an outfit. I love that they are open toe too, now I can shoe off my pretty pedicures this spring. This shoe style is great to wear with a cute pair of colored pants. I plan to wear them a lot to work this year!

BOLD HEELS – BCBGeneration  


Spring is not the same without having a pretty colored pair of heels. I feel like I wear these year round. I just love the orange bold color so much! I’m excited to come up with new ideas to style these for the season. Besides always having a neutral pair of shoes, I think its just important to have some flair in your closet. This colored shoe and style can do the trick and guarantee a spring full of compliments. This style looks great with jeans or even a pencil skirt look. If you need to see some outfit ideas to style a shoe like this check out my posts “Bold Pumps + Sequins” and “You Down with the LWD?“.

These Heels:

Bold √

Colorful √

Stylish √

What shoe styles are you wearing this season? 

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