5 Affordable Trench Coats for Spring 



I’ve always admired trench coats since I was a teenager. It’s such a staple for classic chic! It’s been a coat style that I’ve wanted to add to my wardrobe for a very long time. Regrettably I still can’t say that I own a tan/beige one, but I have been doing some shopping. I thought it was only right to show some of my favorites that I’ve laid eyes on that are definitely affordable! 

Women's-Trench-Coat-Beige - Coffee-Shop.png

Target Pick – $49

If you’re looking for a trench with a shorter length, then Target has the perfect one!


Old Navy Pick -$55

This Old Navy trench has been on my radar for some time now. I’ve just been hesitant on purchasing it because the reviews state that it runs big. Now I’ve waited too long and they’re sold out of XS and S! Whether it runs big or not, it’s still a dope trench coat. Plus it’s $55 right now! 


H&M Pick – $69

When I’m having no luck with finding exactly what I need, in terms of fashion, I can always rely on H&M to come through. Again they have not disappointed me with this trench coat. Great length, style, and color; it’s a winner!



Top Shop Pick – $150

Depending on the coat I’m looking for, most times my limit to spend will be no more than $150. This coat meets the limit and has all of the essential details I would want in a trench coat. The belt buckles, buttons, length, and color are just so on point! 


Macy’s Pick – $99

This trench has a lot of similarities with the Top Shop pick above, but at a cheaper price! Both are great trench coat looks and are definitely a must have. 

Now that you have all these great trench coat options to choose from, make sure to check out my post “Spring Shoe Styles to Wear“! You might find a shoe style that you want to pair with your new trench coat for spring!

DJS & STYLE tip of the day: A neutral colored trench coat, is a great coat choice for spring! It will look amazing with all the pastel colors you’ll be wearing this spring!

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3 thoughts on “5 Affordable Trench Coats for Spring 

  1. The Topshop piece is definitely the closest clone to the Burberry original, even down to the padded left shoulder. That said, I don’t think I want a Burberry or a copy because it’s such a chauvanist decision to position the padding on the left side, implying women don’t need the padding (to prevent bruising when using a shotgun) because they don’t/won’t handle guns. However my friend has her heart set on a Burberry, so this one might be perfect for her.


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