Side Vent Sweater + Ripped Denim 









If it’s a warm and windy day, make sure to stay away from a dress but don’t opt out for a side-vent sweater. The wind and a side-vent sweater combination might create some pretty cool looks for you! 

The day I took these photos it was so beautiful out. I knew I would get some great shots of this casual and chic outfit! Thankfully the photos did come out amazing, but the wind was really testing me this day! I’m glad I overcame. 

My day was spent with my fiance celebrating our anniversary. I’m happy and in love; I wanted a color to match this emotion. This yellow sweater was the perfect touch. I’d like to say that I created my own batch of lemonade with this one. But enough with my sneaky Beyonce references, let’s talk about these shoes and bag! 

I found this cute and tiny clutch during my search for accessories to wear for my job’s gala. I ended up not choosing this one to wear with my gown, but you can see which one I did choose in my post,”Red Gown +Gold Details“. Although it wasn’t my clutch for my special occasion I do choose to wear it casually a lot. See my last post, “White T-Shirt +Purple Skinny Pants“, to see another casual look with it! 

I love ripped denim with heels! It is really one of the best trends that has been created. I decided to style this trend with my Steve Madden “Primpy” chunky heels. I told you in my post “Spring Shoe Styles to Wear” that I would be wearing them all spring! They’ve finally made it to the blog and I love them! FYI if you plan on purchasing a pair of these make sure to go up a size because they can get pretty snug. 

(DJS & STYLE tip of the day: Sometimes allow your emotions dictate your outfit for the day. Feeling happy? Throw on some color to match that happiness!) 

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What I’m Wearing 

Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: H&M | Clutch: Lulu’s | Shoes: Steve Madden 


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