School Supply Style


One minute you’re enjoying summer taking long vacations, basking in the sun, sitting poolside, and then August shows up. Now all you’re hearing is it’s “back to school” time. Yes, it’s about that time.

I’m more excited then ever before to shop for back to school supplies. Mostly because I’m going back to school for my Master’s this year, and this time I actually have money to spend on supplies, unlike my undergraduate years when the struggle was real. I wanted to share my excitement with you all and show some stores that I plan to shop, and where I noticed some pretty stylish supplies. 

My Top Three Stores to Shop Cool School Supplies

1. Target – I swear this store has a soft spot in my heart. Whether its clothes, home decor, or even school supplies I always find what I need at target. I’m really interested in storage organization right now so I’ve been on the lookout for pretty and cool storage boxes. I’m really trying to stay clutter free this school year, and I’ve found some adorable ones at Target below! Target is also a great store to shop for notebooks and writing supplies. 

19-Pkt-Box-Expandable-File-Black:White-Speckle-Dots - Threshold



2. T.J. Maxx – This is my second favorite store for home shopping. However, I’ve just discovered that they have some really cute and stylish notebooks, planners, notepads, etc.  I found the one below for less than $10! I can’t live without a planner and I think it’s one of the most important essentials for a successful school year!


3. ModCloth – I just visited this week for the first time, and I fell in love with their cool and unique items they have to style your desk with. Although having great school supplies is important, having an amazing workspace is just as important. I recently moved to a new apartment and I’m currently in the process of trying to create an impressive workspace! Mod Cloth definitely has some great products to do just that and give you some motivation at the same time. 



DJS & STYLE TIP OF THE DAY: Infuse your sense of style even in your school supplies and workspace. Remember style is what you make it! 

What are you buying this school year? 

What is Photographed (First Photo) 

1. Bamboo Plant – Aldi (was on sale for $5) 

2. Inspire Pencil Holder – Tuesday Morning $10

3. 2016-2017 Planner – T.J. Maxx $8



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