New Year with a Velvet Blazer


Happy to see a New Year! 

blazer-blouse-and-chunky-heels-1 blazer-blouse-and-chunky-heels-3blazer-blouse-and-chunky-heels-5blazer-blouse-and-chunky-heels-4blazer-blouse-and-chunky-heels-6

Last week was my birthday and I stepped right into my late twenties. It seems like ever since I’ve reached my twenties the years just speed right by and 2016 was no exception, but I’m happy to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to a new year! One thing I will continue to do this year is to live in style and I’m definitely doing that with my above-featured velvet blazer.

A blazer in a bold color such as this burgundy one is great for the season and will certainly make a statement for any outfit you wear. Unfortunately, this Old Navy blazer is no longer available, but I have added a link to a similar one below.

I always strive to stay classy and nothing says that more than wearing a crisp white blouse, plus it looks great against black pants. Now my pixie pants featured from Old Navy are my new found favorites (FYI – they are available for $25 right now online.) Before I discovered them I had no idea that Old Navy offered long pants in its Pixie collection! I’m a big fan of the ankle length pixie pants and have worn them in posts such as “Couldn’t Wait for Fall” and “Mixed Prints.”  Now I’ve fallen all over again with the collection with the long pixie pants.

So  I can’t end my post without mentioning the adorable heeled loafers I styled. They are perfection and will dress up any work attire and can easily be worn casually too. Find a similar pair of them below!  (DJS & STYLE tip of the day: Stay classy this winter by pairing that white blouse of yours with a bold colored and textured blazer.) 

I wish each and every one of you a healthy, successful, and happy New Year!

Thank you for reading DJS & STYLE!

What I’m Wearing 

Blazer: Old Navy | Blouse: Forever 21 (purchased from the Goodwill) | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Nine West (purchased from T.J. Maxx)

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