Pastel Sweatshirt


“Cotton candy, sweetie go, let me see the…..!”

I love pastel colors during this season! This look reminds me of the sweet and tasty blue/pink cotton candy. It also gives off such a spring and summer vibe, and I love it.


One of the best parts of this look is my sweatshirt that is inscribed with the city name, TOKYO. If you know me well, then you know that my fiancé is half Japanese. I love when he tells me stories about his visit to Japan and it has now become a bucket list destination for me! So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this sweatshirt at Cotton On for only $5, yes I grabbed it with no hesitation! Plus I love sweatshirts, they are so easy to style. DJS & STYLE tip of the day: make sure to always have versatile items in your closet such as a solid color sweatshirt; it can make your life so much easier. Also, they are great for those cool spring days or nights.


Now if you are wondering where I purchased these pretty cool ripped jeans with the paint splatter detail, then I’m happy to tell you that I bought them from Nordstrom Rack on sale for $30. Sidenote: Nordstrom Rack is my newfound love for clothes and home shopping. They have so many amazing deals, that I can’t believe that in the past I never shopped there as much as I should.


In high school, I was such a sneakerhead and now I see myself sort of going down that route again (still love my heels though!). As I was doing a little shopping with my guy in Foot Locker, my eyes stopped on these adorable pink suede Pumas. They are so comfortable and go with so many outfits in my closet! They are definitely my go to sneaker for spring and summer!


Now that I’ve given you the deets on my pastel look, let me know what you think of pastel outfit combinations!

What I’m Wearing 

Sweatshirt: Cotton On | Jeans: Nordstrom Rack | Sunglasses: Aldo | Sneakers: Puma Suede Heart (Foot Locker)

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