How to Buy a Gift Under $25


Fa La La La….

So I guess my theme song this year for the holidays is Deck the Halls because not only is this cute adorable gift box from Target inscribed with the song’s iconic Fa La La La lyrics, but my pup Barkley was just featured on the blog wearing his Fa La La La…Woof pjs (soooo cute, you have to see it on my previous post (Puffer Coat + Fuzzy Sweater + A Pup). By the way can you tell I love Target too?! By far one of my favorite places to shop at. This is why it was one of my choices to shop at when looking for something to put my Secret Santa gifts in, and so glad that I chose to stop by! But before we get into the deets about the gift box, let’s talk about these gifts! 


Sometime it can be so hard to buy for someone you don’t know much about. So my gift buying tip of the day is just pay attention to the person for a couple of days; listen and watch them (I know creeper move but it works) for any clues that tell you more about what that person may like. For instance, I listened to my co-worker, my Secret Santa recipient, mention that she likes a drink from time to time. So I saw this adorable mini glitter cocktail shaker (listed as #1 above) on Kirkland’s website, went to the store and purchased it for only $5 with a coupon! 

Gifts #2 and #3 were items that I bought on the whim just hoping that she would more than likely like them because I do. A candle is such an easy gift to get someone, and in my opinion a safe option. I actually purchased this one when Bath & Body Works had their $8.95 deal, what a steal! I asked the store clerk what was the best scent of the season and she directed my attention to this one, the Champagne Toast. If you haven’t already, please go smell it because it is amazing! So amazing that I bought one for myself!

The #3 gifts are the cozy socks from Old Navy. At the time they were only a dollar! The original price is $5 which still is not bad! I also have these for myself and they are so warm, soft, and just so cute. A great gift!

Last but not least is the eye catching gift box. I listed it as the #4 gift because something like this can easily be regifted or used as home decor. So there you are, four gifts under $20. If you’re on a budget for gift buying I left some tips below that may be helpful to you. 

Tips for the Holiday Shopper (an Aspiring Frugal Shopper)

  1. Look out for sales! – Sometimes the sales after Black Friday are even better or just as good.
  2. Get an idea of what you want to buy and make a list. Stick to this list so that you don’t go overboard when shopping.
  3. Pay attention to your emails (this is how I found the mini cocktail shaker!). Stores give some really great gift ideas in their blast emails that you may like.
  4. Don’t stress! If you put thought into your gift, I’m sure your recepient will love it!

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