Sleep Onesie + Cozy Socks


My Onesie Life is So Real……




It’s officially onesie season and I love it! This year I was on a major prowl to find a cute onesie for an affordable price. Within my search I found a lot of cute ones but unfortunately I ran into the problem of my size not in stock. However, I was lucky enough to snag this one from Hollister in my size for $27 with the usuage of a coupon and it being discounted!

I love this one because it’s so comfortable and soft. It’s Koala details like the ears and the sherpa fabric on the stomach area make it such a cute and fun sleep onesie, perfect for a pajama party. It also feels great to wear with one of my many pairs of cozy socks (yes, I’m addicted to them). I’m so big on finding cute and comfortable pajamas this season so I’m happy to add this onesie to my collection. I’m on my Holiday break from school so I’m looking forward to spending some of my time in this onesie lounging around my apartment reading, making goals for the new year, or just watching televsion with my pup Barkley. I want you all to get in on the fun so I have provided some of my other favorite sleep onesies below. Let me know if you find any you like! Happy Holidays! 

My Top Three Favorite Sleep Onesies  (I have my eyes on these too!)Aerie-Sherpa-Onesie.jpeg1. Aerie Sherpa Onesie 

Aerie-Plush-Onesie2. Aerie Plush Onesie 

Old-Navy-Plush-Knit-Onesie-For-Women.png3. Old Navy Plush-Knit Onesie 


What I’m Wearing 

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 11.18.23 AM.png                           Old-Navy-Chenille-Cozy-Socks-for-Women

Onesie: Hollister | Socks: Old Navy 

My Bedding 





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