Floral Pants + a Lace Bodysuit Look

Floral-Pants-and-a Laced-Bodysuit-1

Floral prints are always a great choice for spring because this season is all about fun colors, prints, and patterns. So you can just imagine my excitement when I saw these cute pair of high waisted floral pants on the clearance rack of Target —– let’s just say that I did not hesitate to buy them!

I don’t care what anyone says but high waisted pants, skirts, jeans, anything are my best friends! I love how they can shape your figure in just the right areas and just make you look amazing (Tip of the day:buy a pair of high waisted pants, you’ll love them!). So whenever I find a pair with a fun print or pattern I am always ready to buy it. The flare style on these are also very cute! 

Floral-Pants-and-a Laced-Bodysuit-2

When I wear high waisted pants I love to pair them with a bodysuit, it’s such an easy fit! I think I paid no more than $10 for this bodysuit from Forever 21. I thought the lace on it would compliment the floral pants so that’s why I made sure to pair them together.

Floral-Pants-and-a Laced-Bodysuit-4

Floral-Pants-and-a Laced-Bodysuit-3

Now this blazer is a new staple piece of mine! I have only owned one black blazer and I always felt that it was not stylish. It was a blazer that I bought strictly for interviews and now I’m so happy that I can toss it. This featured blazer can be suitable for an interview or a professional setting, but also look stylish in a more causal look. I bought this blazer from Uniqlo, it was my first purchase from them and I have to admit that it probably won’t be my last. They are a great store choice when looking for basics and the prices are amazing! 

Floral-Pants-and-a Laced-Bodysuit

There are different colors of blue in these pants that give off a grayish look to me, so I thought my metallic shoes would look great with the pants. You can see how I worn them with high waisted jeans on my post Ruffle Bell Sleeve Sweater + High Waisted Jeans .

Hope you all enjoyed reading! Let me know below what you are excited about wearing this spring!

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What I’m Wearing 

Blazer:Uniqlo| Bodysuit: Forever 21 | Pants:Target |

Shoes: Target | Sunglasses: Aldo | Bag: Kate Spade 

                       Uniqlo-WOMEN-UV-CUT-JERSEY-JACKET.png Forever-21-Lace-Cami-Bodysuit.png Target-Women's-Relaxed-Paperbag-Trousers-Who-What-Wear-Black-Floral.png Charlotte-Russe-Metallic-Ankle-Strap-Sandals  Aldo-Horound  Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 11.26.38 PM.png 


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