A Denim + Animal Print Look


It’s Saturday night and your friends ask you to come and hang out with them. You say, “yes” and proceed to your closet to find something to wear. You just want your look to be cute but still casual. Well if you have a denim jacket, some high waisted jeans, basic top, and some banging heels then you have the perfect look for a girl’s night out. In fact, the simplicity of this outfit allows you to wear it on so many occasions and this is why I love this look so much!


It’s finally the season that allows you to style your looks with a cute bomber, leather jacket, or a denim jacket. So happy that the DC Metro Area’s weather finally allowed me to complete my outfit with this stylish denim jacket. I don’t know about you all but I love wearing jackets, and I’m always on the lookout for cute and stylish ones. In my opinion, they can really turn up the notch on an outfit and tie the whole look together. What I love most about this particular denim jacket is the fit and the small ripped details. Tip of the day: Always remember denim jackets are a perfect way to create a casual chic look and they are a staple piece that you can wear with just about anything.



Although I love adding color in my outfits, I’m also a fan of just wearing all black at times. It’s such a flattering look to me. Wearing a black top and jeans can serve as your canvas to your outfit. After you have established your canvas then you can incorporate cute pieces into the outfit like in this instance my cute pieces are the denim jacket, sunglasses, and the shoes. 


Let’s talk about accessories. These sunglasses are my favorite part of the outfit besides the shoes —- don’t worry we will get to the shoes in just a moment. Okay, so these glasses I found them at T.J. Maxx (I live in this store! Follow me on Instagram @DJSSTYLE because sometimes I post fashionable items I spy on my runs to T.J. Maxx on my Instagram stories). I spotted these trendy Guess sunglasses for only $15, and I had to have them. In the midst of me purchasing them, I learned some things about sunglasses. Did you know, a lot of sunglasses are made with materials that could cause cancer?

These particular sunglasses had the California Proposition 65 notice on them that advises that the product has materials recognized in the state of California as harmful and cause cancer. I freaked out, so I did a little digging and found out that there are lots of sunglasses that are made with these materials; however, as long as you don’t plan on eating your sunglasses for lunch you are okay. I was relieved with this explanation and decided to keep the sunglasses. Have you ever purchased an item with the California Proposition 65 notice on it? 


Okay enough fact checking, let’s talk about these shoes! I spotted these on clearance at Topshop one weekend for only $21 (after they applied their 30% off sale). I tried them on and I fell in love. I love the pointed toe, the light blush color, and that they are animal print! Shoes like these are what you should include in an outfit when you want to take it to the next level —– turning simple into chic!


What did you like most about this outfit? The sunglasses, shoes, denim jacket, something else?

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! 

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