Floral Top + a White Flippy Skirt


Incorporating white pieces into your outfit can be such a refreshing look for spring and summer. A white skirt such as the one featured, creates so many outfit options. Here I chose to wear it with my all white converse sneakers (that I managed to keep clean for almost a year now – impressive, right?!) but it can easily be dressed up with platform sandals and a cute top. Okay enough about the variety of outfits that this white skirt creates, let’s discuss this flirty and sporty look that I styled! 


So let’s start with the skirt! I was lucky enough to find it on Topshop’s website for only $15. Along with the skirt I also found a pair of white jeans and my leopard print sandals that I wore in my post Mesh T-Shirt Dress + Leopard Print Sandals. I love the fit of this skirt and that it is a flippy skirt, such a cute look for the warm weather. 


I found this top at T.J. Maxx for only $15. I love the details on it such as the small flowers and gingham print, and the ruffle sleeves. It also looks great with white shorts or white jeans. 


What do you love more, gold or silver accessories? I am such a huge gold fan! I think it compliments so many looks including this one. Adding in my gold backpack contributed to the sporty look I was going for, but paired with my sunglasses it still gave the flirty and feminine touch that was needed. 

You honestly cannot go wrong with a pair of all white sneakers for spring and summer. Tip of the day: white sneakers are a staple piece and should be added to your closet so that you can style fun and sporty looks like this one. I had fun styling this look with my white sneakers; they made the outfit an everyday look which I love.


How do you feel about wearing white in the spring or summer? 

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What I’m Wearing 

Top: T.J. Maxx | Skirt:Topshop | Sneakers: Converse | Backpack: Asos | Sunglasses: T.J. Maxx 

Shop Similar Look 

T.J. Maxx-COM.PLETE-Made-In-USA-Gingham-Sleeve-Knit-Top.png Topshop-Hanky-Jersey-Flippy-Skirt.png CONVERSE-CHUCK-TAYLOR-MONOCHROME-LOW-TOP.pngDSW-VIOLET-RAY-MINI-LOGAN-CROSSBODY-BAGAldo-Galaolla


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