Tie-Front Top + Ankle Jeans


We have finally made it to the weekend!! I must admit it felt like the longest four day week ever, but I’m glad I did make the most of my week especially by spending July 4th in this cute little number. I spent the day doing a little shopping (more like window shopping lol) and finally making it to the movies. This look may be stylish and chic, but it was still comfortable and sutiable for the heat wave we were experiencing. 


So I found this top from my favorite discount store for only $13! Can you guess which store it is? If you guessed T.J. Maxx then you know me really well! I am always able to find something in T.J. Maxx, I’m actually thinking about making a stop there today. At first I was hesitant on buying this top, but now I love it. The tie-front tops are definitely a must try. 


I also purchased these Calvin Klein ankle jeans on clearance from T.J. Maxx. Tip of the Day: I am telling you, you can find any and everything at this store. 


Let me know what you think of this outfit! I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Find more outfit inspirations on my instagram @djsstyle

What I’m Wearing 

Top: T.J. Maxx | Jeans: T.J. Maxx | Shoes: Converse | Bag: Asos 

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