Five Things I Loved About My Vacation in Jamaica


Come to Jamaica and feel alright! Have you ever seen that commercial? They’re not lying because I felt amazing on my trip to Jamaica. If you haven’t been to the country before you definitely should make a trip there and go! Here are five things I loved about my trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Resort Life 

This is my second international trip, but my first ever resort experience. I must say if you are going to vacation you should definitely try an all-inclusive resort. We made our way to the Hilton Rose Hall resort for this trip due to my best friend’s destination wedding which was beautiful by the way! 


The staff of the resort was so friendly! As soon as we set foot on the resort my husband, Dom, was greeted with a big hug as if we were family. They grabbed our bags and told us that we would have no worries on our stay in Jamaica (they were right!). First impressions mean a lot, and they definitely exceeded our expectations! This resort is huge and has everything you need such as: food, a pool, a private beach, a small water park, restaurants everywhere, hammocks (I am obsessed with these!), drinks galore, and amazing views! The great thing about staying on a resort is that you are treated like royalty. 

The Views 


As soon as you walk into the lobby of the Hilton Rose Hall resort you get a nice view of the Caribbean sea and sky. If you walk further out you see the resort’s pool before the beautiful carribean sea, and you just look in awe. It is certainly a sight to see! If you opt for a partial ocean view room as we did, you get to see another amazing view of the sea. The views are just so incredible in Jamaica because the whole island is surrounded by the carribean sea. 

The Food/Drinks


I feel like I have never ate this much in my life! Beef patties, curry chicken, rice and peas, and plantains were just some of my favorite Jamaican foods while vacationing here. While on the resort you also have the option to choose from American dishes as well! 


Omg the drinks were amazing in Jamaica! I learned of a popular drink while there called the Bob Marley, it’s super good! My other favorites were either a Pina Coloda or a Miami Vice. If you happen to stay at the Hilton in Jamaica make sure you order one of these, drinks on me! 

The Excursion Experience 


We did one excursion during our trip and it was climbing the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios. To tell you the truth climbing the waterfall was not what we were expecting! I didn’t realize we would actually be chasing waterfalls (little TLC humor, lol). I thought maybe you would just get a look of the waterfall from the steps and not actually climb through it. But I’m so glad that we signed up for this excursion and actually completed it! This was such a memorable experience, and I was just in awe the whole climb up. 

The Culture 


So fun fact about myself, I am part Jamaican. My dad was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica! So when visiting Jamaica I felt like I was finally travelling “home.” It was great to learn about the culture of Jamaica and a major part of myself. While visiting I was able to see up close how hard-working and resilient the people of Jamaica are. I also loved how positive they are despite their circumstances! Some of the most popular positive catchphrases in Jamaica are:


No problem!

Yeah Mon!

Everything Irie! 


I could go on and on about Jamaica, but I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to travel with Dom to my motherland. It was such a beautiful experience to share with him and my friends, lots of great memories were created! We love you Jamaica! By the way if you are in love with this heartbeat necklace as I am, make sure to shop a similar look below, and use code djsstyle10 at for 10 percent off any purchases!

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What I’m Wearing 

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6 thoughts on “Five Things I Loved About My Vacation in Jamaica

  1. Yayy, Jamaican here–so happy to stumble across your blog and this post. Life’s a lot different outside the resorts but I’m glad you got to see some of the island. Do visit Kingston next time. (I’m a biased Kingstonian though haha). It’s noisy and dirty in many parts but it’s so beautiful and vibrant, the birthplace of reggae and there’s a lot to see and do if you’re into cultural exvursions. I love my city! 🙂

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    1. Hi Rochelle! Aww thanks for stopping by and reading! Omg I loved Jamaica so much! One day we’ll go back and try a cultural adventure. Visiting Kingston, Port Antonio (where my fam is from), and Negril are definitely on my bucket list!

      Liked by 1 person

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