Crop Top + Mom Shorts


So serious question, how do you feel when you see brands or bloggers already talking about fall? I hate it! Lol, I just want to enjoy summer as much as I can, please. Okay, now that I have that out of my system I want to show you all how to style a pair of flatforms. 

Flatforms are one my favorite trends right now! I think they are so stylish and there are so many different flatform styles to choose from. I recently shopped at American Eagle and spotted the ones featured. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have my size in stock but they offered to buy them online and ship it to my home. Of course, I said yes! These were definitely my go-to sandals while on vacation, and I’m still wearing them as often as I can. 


So I didn’t think about it when I styled this outfit but almost everything is from American Eagle. This cute little crop top from them was from a set, but I bought it separately on clearance. I love it so much, and think that it will look great with a lot of other things. 


Now lets talk about the jewelry. I recently collaborated with Civion, a company that specializes in accessories, to style some of their beautiful pieces such as this necklace. I love this necklace piece because it’s so unique. I am so into delicate pieces now, and this definitely fits my style. Stay tuned to see how I style it again on the blog. Also, make sure you take a look at the Civion website they have some awesome stuff. Use code, DESTINY25 to receive 25 percent off any item you purchase

I’ve never worn mom shorts before, but I thought I would give it try. I’m glad I chose to purchase these and style them because they are super cute! 

Let me know if you own any flatforms or mom shorts! I would love to read how you style yours. 

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What I’m Wearing 

Top: American Eagle | Shorts: American Eagle | Sandals: American Eagle |

Bag: Forever 21 | Necklace: Civion 

Shop Similar Look

AE-EMBROIDERED-CROP-TOP American-Eagle-Mom-Short  AEO-POM-POM-FLATFORM.pngAli-Express-ZHIERNA-Bali-Vintage-Handmade-Crossbody-Leather-Bag-Round-Straw Beach Bag Girls Circle Rattan bag Small Bohemian Shoulder bag.pngCivion-The-Moon


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