Vest + A Crop Top


With a closet full of clothes do you ever still feel like you have nothing to wear? If yes, I feel the same sometimes, but I’m here to tell you there’s ways to get around that. Before styling this outfit I was definitely having one of these “crazy panic attacks” of not having anything to wear. If I ever get like this I follow these few tips:

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A Fashion Show and A Green Skirt

Fashion-Show-and-a Green-Mini-Skirt-5

One of my favorite events to attend in college was my school’s annual fashion show.  I loved the excitement of preparing to go to the event which included coming up with an outfit to wear! When I heard there was a fashion show at Fairfax Corner this past weekend it brought back those memories, and there was once again that excitement to style an outfit!

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Falling for this Romper


I thought I was over rompers, but obviously I am not because I decided to style this one over the weekend and fell in love! It’s technically still summer, but rompers in the fall can definitely be a thing too especially a long sleeve one like this. So let’s get into this romper!

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A Fall Camo Look


Can you believe that next Saturday will be the first day of fall?! I can’t, time is definitely flying! Well I’ve been preparing for fall a little early by shopping some of the season trends such as these super cute camo pants! Plus these last couple of days have certainly felt like fall so it was only right to feature this look. 

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Can’t Go Wrong with Stripes and Metallics


When I think of fall I’m imagining baking festive seasonal cookies with my mom, or trying my hardest to bite into a delicious caramel apple! Honestly, I think those are my best and fondest memories as a child in fall. Although it’s not my favorite season like summer is I can find some pleasantries from it. As much as I hate to say it the season end of summer is inevitable; therefore, I wanted to share my first transitional fall look for the year. Now let’s get lost in reading about this super adorable striped top, and did someone say metallics? 

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