Vest + A Crop Top


With a closet full of clothes do you ever still feel like you have nothing to wear? If yes, I feel the same sometimes, but I’m here to tell you there’s ways to get around that. Before styling this outfit I was definitely having one of these “crazy panic attacks” of not having anything to wear. If I ever get like this I follow these few tips:


Look through your closet

Honestly, most times I try to envision my closet. Sometimes it works and I am able to come up with an outfit, but other times it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, the first thing you should do is do a quick sweep of your closet. You’ll be surprised of  the things you forgot you had. Pick out an old favorite of yours and style it. With this outfit my old favorite was my velvet vest. Click here to see how wore it in the past.


Find Inspiration

Still unsure of how to style your old favorite? Look for inspiration. This is what us bloggers are here for so browse Pinterest by typing in the piece of clothing you are trying to style or search hashtags of the particular item on Instagram. You’ll definitely get some great ideas this way.



Figure out the style you are going for

If you figure out what style you are going for i.e date night, casual, edgy, etc. then you know what else to look for in your closet. In this case I knew after selecting my vest to wear I wanted to do a another casual vibe/going out look.  I also knew that it would go perfect with my Topshop crop top I’ve been wanting to wear.



Trying out any of these tips will help you find the outfit you need, and  I’m sure you’ll be a showstopper with whatever you choose!

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What I’m Wearing 

Vest: Target | Top: Topshop | Jeans: Cotton On |Shoes: Target | Bag: Topshop 

Shop Similar Look 

Nordstrom-Rack-Tart-Amita-Vest.png Forever-21-Crochet-Trim-Tee.png HM-Petite-Fit-Super-Skinny-Jeans.png Target-Women's-Ema-High-Block-Heel-Pumps-A-New-Day.png Topshop-Panther-Charm-Purse.png


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