My Top Three Things to Do in DC


Have you ever been to Washington, D.C. before? If so, I bet you visited the national mall to see the monuments or went to see one of the famous museums. Well what if I told you that D.C. has so much more to offer. Here’s my top three things to do in the city! 


My husband and I decided to walk the streets of D.C. and experience the city a little differently. I opted to wear my bodysuit, red pants, leopard crossbody, and my pointed heels (trust me these didn’t stay on for too long). Our first stop was the CityCenterDC, and of course it’s on my top three things to do in the city!

Visit CityCenterDC 

I have lived in the DC Metro area for over seven years, and I have never been to CityCenterDC. To be honest, I never heard of it. Well I realized that I’ve been missing out on seeing some cool things. One of the most noticeable attractions was the Palmer Alley umbrella installation at The Plaza of the CityCenter.  The installation is so vibrant and fun, and a great photo-op. Apparently they switch out the installations periodically, this one ends on November 4th.

At CityCenter there’s plenty of stores to look around at, and restaurants/shops to eat at. The next time I plan to get some ice cream from the Milk Bar. It was on my list of to-dos while there, but I completely forgot. There’s also cool things like a mini water fountain, a cool walkway of a stream of water, and a huge digital display board of images. 


Eat Brunch 

Definitely do brunch in the city, there’s so many options! If you follow me on my Instagram (@DJSSTYLE) and watch my instastories then you know that I am foodie. I love trying new places so you know I was excited when the hubs suggested that we go to The Crimson located at 627 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001.

I ordered the Country Breakfast which was eggs, toast, home fries, and I substituted the bacon for corn beef hash. It was so delicious! I also eyed the many milkshakes that passed by as I sat at my diner table, and oh my God they looked amazing. I loved the atmosphere at this place, and I definitely will be returning. 


Get on a Scooter 

I had a nostalgic moment in the city when I hopped on one of the shared community motorized scooters (switched into sneakers of course). I think the idea of having scooters in the city is such a cool concept! All you have to do is either download the Lime or the Bird app on your phone. If you see a scooter you just scan the bar code on it, and it’s now yours to take to your next destination. Trust me you’ll have a lot of fun doing this!

Visit my Instagram and see “My Adventures” story highlight to see how my day in the city went! Let me know in the comments if you ever been to DC before, and what you love to do there the most. Happy Saturday!

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What I’m Wearing

Top: Forever 21 | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack | Bag: Nasty Gal 

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