Why I Loved Visiting San Francisco: Part Two


The first time I heard and saw pictures of the Museum of Ice Cream on social media I immediately had this huge desire to want to visit! I’m so happy that my visit to San Francisco (San Fran) gave me that opportunity because we had such an amazing time, and that’s why my experience has made it to Part Two of why I loved visiting San Fran!

So first thing first let’s get into some facts! The  Museum of Ice Cream was known to be a pop-up museum that stopped in cities like Miami and New York. The museum has now become a permanent museum in San Fran —— how awesome is that, right? I’m just still ecstatic that I was able to see the museum’s quirky, interactive, and super fun exhibits!


Purchasing Tickets & Arriving

Okay so before we get into the fun stuff let me give you some information about the ticket prices and arriving to the museum. The tickets cost $34 before taxes and all. In my opinion, they were not bad and were so worth the experience!

It was so funny when we arrived to the museum, we drove but it was literally less than five minutes from our hotels. So keep in mind if you’re staying in union square of San Fran you can literally walk to the museum.

When we arrived of course there was a long line to get in, but it went rather quickly. We announced to the host that it was my bestie’s and sister-in-law’s (she lives in Cali and drove to us to hang out too, we had a ball) birthdays and they made sure to have a surprise for them!

Our first stop as soon as we entered the museum was ice cream!



The Ice Cream Samples (Yes, there were lots of them!)

Before this huge desire to want to visit the museum I did not know that there were actually going to be ice cream samples! My crew and I were so happy about this! This was by far one of my favorite parts, what can I say I’m a sucker for ice cream. My favorite flavors were the vanilla and sprinkles and the coconut pops! Oh, also my bestie and sister in law were given this huge sundae for their birthday, nice surprise!



The Sprinkle Pool

Ever since I heard about the museum this is the one exhibit that I said I have to do if I don’t have the opportunity to do anything else, and I did it. Since so many people come to visit it’s a timed experience, and you’ll more than likely have to share the pool with lots of other people. That was our experience, not sure if I liked that part just wish the pool was a lot bigger. Nevertheless we made it fun and had an amazing time! When we arrived to the hotel after this night sprinkles just continued to fall out of our clothes, it was a pretty hilarious sight. To this day I still find sprinkles in my converse, good times haha!





The Overall Experience

Ultimately visiting this museum is one the best memories I had in San Fran! It allowed us to laugh and just have lots of fun with each other. It was definitely a great bonding experience, so definitely go with friends and family! I heard that they will be remodeling and switching up the exhibits in the museum pretty soon, maybe we’ll get to visit again to see the changes! This visit has definitely made me want to visit more museums, any suggestions or ideas? Make sure to read part one of my experience in San Fran on my post, “Why I Loved Visiting San Francisco: Part 1.”

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