Why I Loved Visiting San Francisco: Part Three


Part three of why I loved visiting San Francisco is finally here! This particular day made me fall so in love with the city because of all of the exploring that we did. I had such an amazing and unforgettable experience. It was certainly a good day! Now let me tell you what about this day made it to my top three of why I loved visiting San Francisco.

The World’s Most Crooked Street

It’s Saturday morning and we’ve just finished eating breakfast at Eight AM (see my Part One post here, on my thoughts of this place). Our plan this Saturday was to walk and take pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge so that’s what we set out to do. On our way there we saw a gathering of people at the top of this hill taking pictures of the view. We stopped the car and everyone hopped out to see what was going on. 


As we walked closer we discovered this beautiful view. Imagine our amazement when we found that this street was the world’s most crooked street. This explained why so many people were gathered around taking pictures. Once we found out this information we were ecstatic and took as many pictures as we could as well, even if it meant blocking a few cars —- sorry Californians! Make sure to checkout my San Francisco Instagram (@DJSSTYLE) highlight to see our video experience of driving down the street. 


After we got our videos, photos, and experience of driving down the street we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. We were pumped and ready to see more views, and walk the entire bridge. Before we took this mile and half walk we made a stop to the gift shop to look around and stop at the restroom, and then we were ready. 


Golden Gate Bridge

Once we made it to the Golden Gate Bridge some of us were a little scared at the sight of how high we were. Most of us were able to get over that fear and continued to walk across. At some points of the walk we were able to see the outline of the bridge and the city, but unfortunately there was a lot of fog. 


The walk across the bridge wasn’t too bad. It was long, but it was a good time with the company of friends. Just make sure you wear comfortable sneakers! Also, San Francisco can get chilly so make sure to wear a jacket. Details on my outfit are below. 



Once we made it across and we were so happy! We took more pictures and got some much needed rest. After we rested we realized that walking back across the bridge was not going to happen.




It was time to find another alternative so we found one of those hop on, hop off buses. We rode on the open top of the bus across the bridge which was another experience we won’t ever forget. It was extremely windy, but we successfully made it across.



Now I can say that I saw the world’s most crooked street and I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. These are memories that I will forever keep with me. Can’t wait to share more memories with you all! 

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What I’m Wearing

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