Orange [You Glad] Sweater

Orange-[You Glad]-Sweater-1

Happy March! With spring so near I’m sure most people are thinking about where their next vacay will be, including me! Before any vacays begin, Dom and I decided to explore the city in our backyard, and headed to the Hirshhorn National Museum of Modern Art in Washington, D.C. 

When Dom and I first started dating way back when we used to always visit the museums in D.C. I love viewing art and reading about the artist, and finding out the meaning behind their exhibits. So our visit to the Hirshorn Museum was definitely a treat for me! 

My three favorite exhibits were the:

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Pulse

Mark Bradford: Pickett’s Charge

Barbara Kruger: Belief+Doubt

The photos featured here are from the Pickett’s Charge exhibit, and no I didn’t plan my outfit around it but it turns out it was the perfect backdrop! What’s something exciting you’ve done around your city recently? The next spot I’m looking to explore in D.C. is the Library of Congress.

Orange-[You Glad]-Sweater-2

Orange-[You Glad]-Sweater-3

Orange-[You Glad]-Sweater-4

Orange-[You Glad]-Sweater-5

Orange-[You Glad]-Sweater-6

Orange-[You Glad]-Sweater-7

Orange-[You Glad]-Sweater-8

Orange-[You Glad]-Sweater-9

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What I’m Wearing

Sweater: Target | Pants: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: BCBG | Bag: Lulus



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