Five Things You Should Do at National Harbor


It always seems like Dom and I pick the worst time of the year to visit National Harbor in Maryland. This year was no different because we had this bright idea to go out there when it was freezing cold! We’ve gotten it right a couple of times though such as when he proposed to me, haha. But hey good thing National Harbor has amazing views, and great food no matter the temperature outside! Here are five things you should do at National Harbor.

Dine at a Restaurant

National Harbor has some great restaurants like Fiorella and Rosa Mexicano! Fun fact – Fiorella is where Dom and I had our engagement dinner with family and friends after he proposed to me in National Harbor. So it holds a special place in our hearts! Another fun fact a complete stranger saw us celebrating our engagement that day and blessed us with $100 as we were eating. I’ll never forget that moment because it made me realize that there are still decent souls out there in the world.

Now back to those restaurants! Rosa Mexicano is another great choice! They prepare fresh guacamole right at your table, and it’s amazing! But if you don’t stop at one of those two restaurants National Harbor has so many others to choose from.


Ride the Capital Wheel

Okay so taking a ride on the Ferris wheel is a little pricey, but I would recommend that you do it at least once! I don’t like heights too much, but it definitely wasn’t a bad experience. You get to see all of what National Harbor has to offer, and it’s a beautiful sight! 



Visit MGM

So I remember MGM’s grand opening week, and it was so packed. Well it’s pretty much like that every time we’ve gone still, haha. So be prepared to do a couple of circles around the parking lot before you find a space, at least this is the case on the weekends. I am not a gambler so I don’t enjoy going to the casino as much as others, but I do enjoy their seasonal/holiday decorations and taking a few pics. They also have a couple of food option, concerts, and of course you can book a room.




Another great thing about National Harbor is the Tanger Outlets! Dom and I actually bought my wedding band from Helzberg Diamonds at the outlet. Yes, we have a lot of ties to this area as you can see, haha. I love to shop at stores like Nike, Converse, Steve Madden, Charming Charlie, and more. The only downside is it’s an outside mall, but nonetheless I guess you can face the weather for some great deals!



Stay at a hotel

Staying at a hotel is next on my list to do at National Harbor. Have you seen the Gaylord Hotel? It’s huge and looks amazing inside. Even if you don’t get a chance to stay at the Gaylord you should definitely take a look inside. There are many other hotels that you can book a room at  such as the Westin, the AC Hotel National Harbor by Marriott, and the Harborside Hotel. 


Have you visited National Harbor before? If so, what do you like to do there? I can’t wait until it’s spring so Dom and I can enjoy our trips to National Harbor just a little bit more! 

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