Pom Poms + Aviator Sunglasses


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Where to Shop for an Ugly Christmas Sweater

The holidays call for spending time with family and friends, giving back, being joyful, and of course having at least one day where you sport that ugly christmas sweater. Did you know that there was actually a National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day? I had no clue, but it’s tomorrow! Don’t fret if you haven’t found one yet to wear on Friday or even to an upcoming Holiday party, because I have some shopping suggestions to shop for one!ย 
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Fall Shoe Rotation – Include These Styles!


Whenever a new season comes around I always have a selection of shoes that I rotate through. Although I’ve expressed numerous times that I don’t enjoy the cooler weather, I do however enjoy the footwear required. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons for shoes, and I thought why not share my fall shoe rotation with you!

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