Million Man March – 10.10.15


I was one of the many of people that attended the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March on 10.10.15. With no traffic, beautiful weather, and an opportunity to to be a part of history, I can proudly say it was a great day.

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California Love


Summer is definitely the season for traveling, and it’s been one of the biggest goals I wanted to accomplish this year. I’m so ecstatic that flying across the country to California became a reality for me this past weekend. Seeing California has been such a big dream for me! The trip was for my fiancé’s best friend’s birthday. His girlfriend made some boss moves and planned a surprise weekend getaway to Los Angeles and invited all of his best friends along! (She’s the real MVP, right?!) Besides the rain on Saturday we had a pretty awesome trip!

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The Good Life, It Feel Like Philly…


The good life, It feel like Philly (Kanye voice)……yes indeed it was definitely the good life in Philadelphia this weekend for me, I had such an amazing time! My Saturday started off as just a day trip to Delaware to attend my fiancé’s best friend’s family cookout that ended up with our night on the town in Philly.

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My Spa Day


This has truly been a great week for me! Saturday I had a surprise engagement proposal which was amazing (take a look at the video on my last blog post “The Proposal“), Sunday was spent with family, and then Monday was spa day for myself.

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The Proposal



Yesterday started off as a normal day. I woke up went to work from 8 am-11 am.  After work I ran a few errands and rushed home to start getting ready for a day I thought would be a photo day for my blog. I thought I’d just be spending time with my boyfriend Dominique at National Harbor! Well I was in for a big surprise!  It turned out to be an extremely special day, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Okay so enough with all the emotions, let me continue! :-).

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