Rainy Day With A Hat & A Trench


“Never in my life have I let rain put a damper in my day.”

It’s Sunday morning and it’s pouring rain outside. My shoe choices for the day are either my rain and snow proof boots or my super cute patent leather block heeled boots —– I obiviously chose the latter. 

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Simple Chic with A Velvet Vest


Sometimes simple is the best chic……

It’s Saturday morning, I check my phone to see what the weather will be like and I discover that the high will be 60 degrees. My first thought was what will I wear?! It’s between a dress or jeans. I opt for high waisted jeans because I am not sure how warm 60 degrees in the winter truly is, and I’m always cold. So I chose the safe route. I also grab my velvet vest from the closet because I have been dying to wear it and start to think of what outfit combinations I can do with these two.  

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Open Front Cardigan Coat + Over the Knee Boots


“Challenge Yourself”

As I poured myself a green smoothie, I grabbed one of my favorite glasses that was inscribed with “challenge yourself.” I thought it was the perfect quote for the day being that I had woke myself up early on a Saturday — an act that I rarely do. So that was my first challenge. The second challenge was attending the Yoga Sculpt class at CorePower Yoga that has always intimidated me for some reason. The third challenge was being more bold, a boss, and confident with myself in this photo shoot. I’m happy to say that I think I succeeded with all of my challenges of the day! 

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New Year with My 4:44 Hoodie + Nike Cortez


“Never Seen a Ceiling in My Whole Life” – Jay-Z

In 2017 my husband suprised me with tickets to attend the 4:44 tour. We both are fans of Jay-Z so this was a great surprise, and we had an amazing time! I remember a conversation we had after the tour. My husband made a great statement and said how could anyone feel unmotivated after attending a Jay-Z concert. I laughed at this and agreed that it’s close to impossible because Jay-Z’s words are soooo motivating. This is why I’m proud to style my 4:44 hoodie in the year 2018 because “never seen a ceiling in my whole life” is my quote for this year. I’m ensuring that I’m living my best life with no restrictions! 

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Grateful Sweatshirt + Velvet Boots


My gratefulness is an understatement.

Not only am I finishing off this holiday season in style but I am ensuring that I recognize all of my blessings this year thus far. I am grateful for so many things this year such as marrying the love of my life and adopting my puppy Barkley. But most of all I am grateful for my amazing friends and family, and continuing to have the opportunity to live my best life! When I wear this sweatshirt it makes me think of all of my blessings but most of all I love how easy it is style! 

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Fall Blazer Glam Look


New Hair, Who Dis? 

Whenever I get a new hairstyle I feel like a new person, and this particular one had me feeling glamorous! If I was brave enough I would cut my hair off in a short cut, but I love the versatility of my hair which still allows me to have that illusion of short hair. The hair plus this look definitely had me feeling myself, haha!

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How to Buy a Gift Under $25


Fa La La La….

So I guess my theme song this year for the holidays is Deck the Halls because not only is this cute adorable gift box from Target inscribed with the song’s iconic Fa La La La lyrics, but my pup Barkley was just featured on the blog wearing his Fa La La La…Woof pjs (soooo cute, you have to see it on my previous post (Puffer Coat + Fuzzy Sweater + A Pup). By the way can you tell I love Target too?! By far one of my favorite places to shop at. This is why it was one of my choices to shop at when looking for something to put my Secret Santa gifts in, and so glad that I chose to stop by! But before we get into the deets about the gift box, let’s talk about these gifts! 

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Puffer Coat + Fuzzy Sweater + A Pup


Dashing through the snow with my pup and we gon’ slay

Different cities in the U.S. saw their first sight of snow this past weekend as Christmas Day approaches, and the DC Metro area was one of them.

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My Happily Ever After


Most women have dreamed of their wedding day as little girls. Some would think that I would be that girl, but believe it or not I hardly thought much about it other than having the desire to want to get married one day. So after my engagement (read about it on my previous post, “The Proposal”), when it was time to decide what type of wedding I wanted, I was so lost! To be honest I was soooo close to getting married at the courthouse, but I’m here to let you know that even a small intimate wedding is worth having!

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