A Fall Camo Look


Can you believe that next Saturday will be the first day of fall?! I can’t, time is definitely flying! Well I’ve been preparing for fall a little early by shopping some of the season trends such as these super cute camo pants! Plus these last couple of days have certainly felt like fall so it was only right to feature this look. 

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Can’t Go Wrong with Stripes and Metallics


When I think of fall I’m imagining baking festive seasonal cookies with my mom, or trying my hardest to bite into a delicious caramel apple! Honestly, I think those are my best and fondest memories as a child in fall. Although it’s not my favorite season like summer is I can find some pleasantries from it. As much as I hate to say it the season end of summer is inevitable; therefore, I wanted to share my first transitional fall look for the year. Now let’s get lost in reading about this super adorable striped top, and did someone say metallics? 

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Slip-On Sneakers + A Yellow Wall


Cobblestone streets, colorful walls, and enchanting homes is what I think of Alexandria, VA. It’s so magical and charming, and it’s where I got married so it will always hold a special place in my heart. So imagine my excitement when Dom and I took a little walk down the Old Town Alexandria streets [I was ecstatic]!

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The Floral Jumpsuit


Can’t believe that we are three weeks away from fall. With that in mind I’m grasping on to summer as much as I can by wearing shorts, jumpsuits, dresses, sandals, and more! Not ready to say goodbye just yet. Now let’s get into this jumpsuit!

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The Striped Jumper Look


Do you ever take the time to explore your city or your surronding cities? If not, you should! My hubby, Dom, and I decided to be little explorers in Crystal City, VA where we found this amazing mural backdrop for my photos. I instantly fell in love with it!

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Polka Dots are Fun


Happy Wednesday everyone! Just wanted to help you over that hump of the week by sharing one of my favorite prints to style, polka dots! Remember that the weekend is not the only time of the week where you can have some fun with prints, today is just as good!

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White Tee, Sequins, and a Bold Color


I had so much fun styling this blog shoot because sequins, a bold color, and a beautiful mural were all involved! To top it all off it was Friday! So happy to share this look with you all.

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Crop Top + Mom Shorts


So serious question, how do you feel when you see brands or bloggers already talking about fall? I hate it! Lol, I just want to enjoy summer as much as I can, please. Okay, now that I have that out of my system I want to show you all how to style a pair of flatforms. 

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The Orange Dress Look


Imagine coming back from your vacation and almost everyday it’s raining. Well unfortunately that was my story! In fact, this particular day was a rainy day. But I tried to make the best of it, and get some photos in this too cute dress! 

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The Two Piece Set


Monday is here which means it’s the official end of my vacation. No hard feelings though because I had such an amazing time in Jamaica. You can read my recent post “Five Things I Loved About My Vacation in Jamaica” to see what all I enjoyed about the trip. As I’m slowly getting back into my life/work routine, I’m reminiscing on this super cute two-piece set.

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