Fuzzy Behavior


As we close out the first month of 2019 I’m reflecting on my goals that I set for myself such as reading more, eating healthier, and drinking more water. To tell you the truth it has been a struggle, but I’m not letting anything get in my way! Cheers to crushing our goals all 2019!

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Winter Blues


I got the bluessss, the winter blues that is! Yeah basically I’m sick of winter already, but it’s fine because obviously I can find ways to stylishly wear my “winter blues” and make it fun, right!

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What Blogging has Taught Me


Blogging is not an easy job it takes a combination of commitment, sacrifice, and a whole lot of passion. Second to my full-time job I’m spending most of my nights and weekends creating content, engaging on my social media platforms, doing photo shoots, and more. You can basically say that I’m usually booked and busy even after my 9 to 5 is over. But despite all of the major commitments that blogging entails, I’m in love with it. You might ask why. Well I enjoy showing other women how to live stylishly in everything they do, plus it’s taught me two major things that I want to share!

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Graphic Tee & Faux Fur Coat


Honey, let me tell you how much I am in love with this graphic tee and faux fur coat! If you haven’t noticed before, graphic tees are my thing. They go with just about anything even with a brown faux fur coat. So when Feel Great Goods reached out to me to partner with them I was excited about the opportunity to style a few graphic t-shirts just the way I like!

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A Cardigan, Mini Skirt, and Leopard Boots Look


Happy Wednesday! What do you love to style the most in the fall/winter season, boots or a cardigan? I thought about this question recently and I had a hard time deciding. On one hand I love to style cardigans because I get cold a lot so they make me feel all warm and cozy. With boots, they just give me that stylish edge that I look for. So I concluded that they are just two items that I can’t live without styling every fall/winter season. I love both together so here’s a fun look that features a new cardigan I bought during Black Friday and my favorite leopard boots!

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7 Sweater Dresses I’m Crushing On


I remember a time when I was afraid to start my own blog. I thought it wasn’t something for me. Boy was I so wrong. I’m happy that my fear subsided and I made the decision to blog. Blogging helps me push my limits. It helps me do things I may have never thought of doing such as having photo shoots in front strangers or trying new trends and styles just so I can inspire you all to do the same. Well, styling this sweater dress is just another one of those times where blogging has inspired me to try a new trend. 

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My Top Five Sneakers to Style this Season


Lately I’ve been really into sneakers! Back in the day when I was in middle school and high school I loved styling them. My favorites back then were Air Force Ones. I had a couple of Jordans but a pair of Nike sneakers were my thing. But as I got older my closet started to change, and my sneakers were replaced with heels, boots, flats —— you know all the “grown woman choices.” Now I’m happy to be inserting sneakers again into my shoe collection, so much that I wanted to share with you all my top five sneakers to style this season!

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